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hatha yoga classes

all hatha classes focus on strength, flexibility, balance and proper alignment for injury prevention.


Tuesday and thursday mornings - $15 drop-in

**other times available - please contact us**


Thursday evenings - $10 drop-in

**other times available - please contact us**

these two age group have had a rising number of injuries in the last decade or so, related to increased athletic activity - yoga can help prevent injury through improving flexibility and proper alignment


**starting 2nd last week of july**

Yogaqua - stand up paddleboard yoga:

**starting 2nd last week of july**

chair yoga:

coming soon!!


$10 drop-in

**please contact us to schedule time**

Tips for safe yoga!!

1.  Make your instructor aware of any pre-existing injuries or limitations (including pregnancy).

2. pain is an indicator that you have gone too far.

3. joint pain is never ok!!  Pull back on any posture that causes joint pain.

4. if you feel light-headed,  sit down and rest if you need to.  Go to child's pose at any time.

5. hydrate before and during class.

6. yoga is not competitive.  your practice is solely for you.  don't try and 'keep up' with anyone else and don't push beyond your abilities.